The Center offers a full spectrum of customized services to help people with the following challenges:

Brain injuries
Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Neurological disabilities / stroke
Visual impairment / blindness
Recent high school graduates with an individualized education plan (IEP)
Learning disabilities
Mental illness
Physical limitations and limited mobility


Through the Adult Day Program, the Center provides quality care and enriching activities for people with brain injuries and other cognitive disabilities, allowing caregivers to work and attend to other responsibilities during the day. Participants enjoy a variety of activities and skill-building experiences that are adapted to their individual goals, interests and capabilities both in our facility and out in the community. Find out more about the Adult Day Program.


Based on the principles of applied behavior analysis, the Midwest Adult Autism Project (MAAP) enables adults with autism to demonstrate new skills and participate in meaningful activity, with the ultimate goal of transitioning each individual to community-based programs or supported employment. Find out more about MAAP.


The Center’s experienced, licensed medical professionals provide specialized rehabilitation services – including physical, occupational and speech therapies and counseling services – for people with disabilities to promote independence at home or in the community. The Center also helps people obtain adaptive equipment they need to become or stay independent. Find out more about our Medical Services or find out more about our Adaptive Equipment program.


The Center’s Employment Services program helps people with disabilities to obtain and maintain employment. Our vocational assessments evaluate abilities and interests to target a participant’s job search. Our employment recruiters work closely with participants to navigate their job search and develop job-seeking skills. Once employed, participants receive support to learn their job, eventually transitioning to retention services to ensure long-term employment. Find out more about Employment Services.


In partnership with local businesses, the Center’s Vocational Training programs helps people with disabilities gain work skills and experiences needed to promote future job success. On-site job training and one-on-one support helps participants develop job-specific skills, navigate the work environment and meet their employment goals. Find out more about Vocational Training.


The Center’s Community Supports for Independence program helps people with developmental disabilities achieve their goal of living independently. The program provides individualized weekly supports in the home and the community for up to two years and helps build long-term independence by utilizing outside resources and using a holistic approach. It is the only one of its kind in the St. Louis area. Find out more about the Community Supports program.


The Center owns and operates two social enterprises, Destination Desserts and Wags in a Bag. These social enterprises provide training and jobs for individuals with brain injuries, autism and other disabilities and also generate funds to support the Center’s mission. All proceeds directly support the Center’s programs and services. Find out more about our social enterprises.