Mark Stallmann, GRI, ePRO
Managing Partner, Stallmann & Associates
Board member since 2013
Stallmann has a son with autism.

Vice President
Steve Mastin
Vice President of Finance at Team Services Group
Board member since 2013


Karl Stroud
Enterprise Systems Manager at Apex Oil
Board member since 2019
Stroud has served on several boards connected to developmental disability services.

Past President
Mark Riordan
Senior Vice President/Investments at Stifel
Board member since 2004

Bill Couch
Community volunteer
Board member since 2017

Dan Creston
Retired, former COO of Alpha Packaging
Board member since 2018

Monte Hickey
President of Forward Slash Technology
Board member since 2021

Kathy Malarkey
Client Services Manager at EBS Recruiting (Executive Business Solutions)
Board member since 2005

Kate Rock-Wiggins
Retired, former Senior Account Manager at Bunge North America
Board member since 2019

John Rosen
Manager of Inventory Control & Cost Accounting at Foam Supplies, Inc
Board member since 2005
Rosen has a sister who survived a brain injury.

Linda Statler, RN, CHC (Certified Health Care Compliance Officer)
Retired, formerly co-owner of Personal Care Products, Inc.
and ProCare Health
Board member since 2015

Andrew Weber
Vice President at Twain Financial Partners
Board member since 2021

Usha Roy
Patient Services and Specialty Pharmacy Operations Advisor
Board member since 2012
Roy has a son with Down’s syndrome, autism and Seizure Disorder.

Medical Consultant
Richard Katz, M.D.
Dr. Katz is in private practice with Independent Medical Evaluation
and Life Care Planning Services.

Members Emeriti
Dennis Beckley, Esq.
Partner at Law Offices of Ayers, Beckley, and Kelly

Rebecca Herwick
President and CEO of Global Products, Inc.