Talent Connect is a training and employment project that helps companies in St. Louis build diverse workforces that are inclusive of people with disabilities. It is a collaborative project of the Center and UCP Heartland. The Center’s side of Talent Connect focuses on the manufacturing and distribution industries, while the UCP Heartland side focuses on the hotels and hospitality industry.

To become a trainee or candidate for direct hire, you must:

  • Have a diagnosed disability which may include: brain injury, intellectual and learning disabilities, attention challenges (ADD/ADHD), developmental disabilities, mental illnesses
  • Live in the St. Louis metropolitan area
  • Have an interest in manufacturing or distribution
  • Be able to commit to up to 12 weeks of training or have prior industry experience to be a candidate for direct hire
  • Have reliable transportation to/from training or to/from the workplace for direct hires


For more information visit the Talent Connect website. If you are interested in partnering with Talent Connect or participating in the program,
contact Heather Cowan, Director of Talent Connect, at 314.983.9230 or hcowan@headinjuryctr-stl.org.