The Center’s Adaptive Equipment Services allows families to stay together in the natural home by creating an adapted living space to meet their special needs. The Center is proud to be the administrative agency for adaptive equipment grants funded by the developmental disabilities boards for St. Louis City, St. Louis County and St. Charles County. We are able to fund sensory, adaptive and assistive equipment for children and adults with developmental disabilities – and some individuals may be eligible for vehicle and home modifications.

Funded by:

To be eligible for these services, an individual must have a diagnosis before age 22, proof of disability (e.g., CIMOR, letter of disability from doctor) and be a resident of St. Louis City, St. Louis County or St. Charles County.

The referral process generally takes 4-8 weeks from open to close (however, home modifications may take longer):

  • Referral from service coordinator, school therapist or self-referral
  • Occupational therapy evaluation at one of the Center’s therapy locations or at consumer’s home if necessary for home modifications
  • Medical equipment will be obtained through insurance funding when covered by benefits
  • Bids requested from grant-approved vendors for non-insurance funded items
  • Training/delivery of items by therapist and vendor

If consumer is eligible for use of the Lending Library, the evaluating occupational therapist can recommend items be loaned out for a 60-day trial following the OT evaluation.

Spending caps are determined by the funding source and are subject to change:

  • St. Louis City residents: sensory and adaptive equipment, non-permanent home modifications (up to $5,000 annually)
  • St. Louis County residents: sensory and adaptive equipment, permanent home modifications (up to $7,500 annually)
  • St. Charles County residents: sensory and adaptive equipment (up to $3,500 annually), vehicle modifications (up to $8,500), home modifications (up to $10,000)


If you are interested adaptive equipment services for yourself or someone you know, please  contact us at 314.983.9230 or