Global Products, a premier provider of logoed items and apparel and other promotional merchandise for businesses of all sizes, has a keen understanding of the importance of an integrated workforce and has hired people through the Center’s Employment program for many years.

Global Products_web 2After a dear friend sustained a head injury in an accident, Global Products President Rebecca Herwick began to recognize how important it is for a person with disabilities to be able to work again and that having a job is important to a person’s confidence, self-worth and independence. She also understands it makes good business sense to hire people who will do the job right and are likely to stay with the company for many years. Over 250 of the Center’s consumers have had their skills, interests and abilities assessed for jobs in the distribution industry because of Global Products’ open door to help.

Global Products has also been a very generous sponsor of the Center in many ways including sponsoring “Gray Matters” trivia nights and golf tournaments. Plus, t-shirts and other promotional items Global Products provides for us are top-notch and are always of great quality and delivered on time!

It is our honor to recognize Global Products as a great business with amazing service and a strong sense of community.