Greg Kibler 1_webGreg Kibler is a young man looking to be independent. Because Greg has an intellectual disability, he has faced challenges in reaching this goal. Before Greg came to the Center; he was unemployed, relied on his parents and did not have the resources to live independently. Today, Greg has a job, he lives in his own house and he successfully navigates public transportation and other resources to get the things he needs. Greg is on his way to a brighter future.

Through the Center’s Community Support Services (CSS) program, Greg has made tremendous strides. CSS builds independent living skills for individuals with a developmental disability who are currently living with their families and who want to live independently. He started with the program as one of our first participants. Greg learned daily living skills such as cooking healthy meals, cleaning and taking care of his home and paying his bills. The program also taught him how to use public transportation and grocery shop for healthier foods. Greg has even signed up for fitness training at his local YMCA. Greg’s parents helped him buy a house a few miles from where they live and he and his mom are redecorating it into a comfortable home of his own.

Greg Kibler 3_webGreg also receives services through our employment and vocational programs. In August of 2015, Greg started a work training program through the Center at a Marshall’s store in the area. He helped unload shipments from the trucks, sorted the products and helped hang the clothing items on racks. Greg received on-site supports during his training from Center staff to help him learn tasks for his job and also reinforce appropriate work social skills. After his trial period, Marshall’s asked Greg to start working for them as a part-time employee. A Center employment advisor continues to provide on-site support so Greg can grow as an employee and maintain his job.

Although he still has challenges facing him and progress to make, Greg has come a long way. Currently, the program staff is working with Greg to teach him how to budget and manage his money. His mother and father are very grateful to the Center for the support the staff has provided.

As Mrs. Kibler, Greg’s mom, sums it up,

“We used to worry about what would happen to Greg when we are no longer around. With continued help and support from the Center, we feel more confident that when the time comes, he will be able to care for himself and continue to have a good life.”