RGreenspan_web 2Rita Greenspan

Rita Greenspan has a bachelor’s degree in education and kinesiology, graduating cum laude from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 2006. Her expertise in these fields has made her a resource for teaching techniques and observations on human movement. Prior to coming to the Center, Rita was a high school and middle school physical education instructor for six years, specializing in individual fitness and adaptive physical education. She has worked in various roles since joining the Center in 2013, first as an employment advisor for Destination Desserts and then as Sales and Marketing Manager for Wags in a Bag, where she helped to establish the social enterprise’s presence throughout the St. Louis region through business development and marketing. Most recently, Rita was Transition Services Coordinator, working alongside the Director of Vocational Training and Transition to help transition new participants into working and volunteering sites. She excels at working one-on-one with participants on task analysis and on progression towards goals and milestones. Becoming Midwest Adult Autism Project (MAAP) Coordinator in 2017, Rita is responsible for developing and implementing MAAP program activities, as well as the overall operations of the program.