If you’re familiar with Wags in a Bag, you may have seen the frosted dog treats they make. These frosted treats are decorated with incredible detail for holidays, sports teams and more. The artist behind these dog friendly creations is Matthew Brecklin. With a steady hand, attention to detail and a love for colors, Brecklin has made a special place for himself in the business.

Brecklin has been on Wags in a Bag team for over a year, starting in the vocational training program before becoming an employee in September of 2014. When he started, Wags had not begun making their specialty frosted treats. Brecklin and the other Wags employees were making and perfecting the four original treats: Cheddar, Apple Carrot, Peanut Butter & Bacon and Parsley. Gareth Addis, production manager for Wags in a Bag, wanted to add frosted treats to their product line. With some advice on piping and cookie decorating from Destination Desserts, Addis had the production associates try their hand at making the frosted treats. Brecklin, who has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), took several art classes while he was in school. He picked up on the frosting technique quickly and soon became the main decorator.

Brecklin has an affinity for colors and, while working or talking about his creations, he is sure to tell you the exact name of the colors he’s using. Wags is gearing up for the Fourth of July, so Brecklin has been making American flag hearts and Captain America shield frosted treats. The scarlet red, chalk white and cobalt blue on these treats are particularly appealing to him. The Captain America shield, he says, has been his favorite frosted treat to make. He also loves sports and creating sports frosted treats, because of all the different team colors.

“Matt has become an essential member
of the Wags in a Bag team.”

Wags in a Bag is Brecklin’s first job, so it has helped him become a more independent person. He appreciates his job at Wags and how it has helped him develop his creative skills for a future career. The best part of his job, he says, has been his been learning from and working with Addis. “He [Addis] has been my guide,” Brecklin told us.


“Matt has produced high quality products and has shown great imagination when working on the decorative treats. He has also worked hard at following directions and increasing his work speed; an area where he’s particularly impacted by his disability. Matt has become an essential member of the Wags in a Bag team,” said Addis.

You can purchase the frosted treats Brecklin makes and other Wags in a Bag products on the Destination Desserts food truck or at any of these specialty pet retailers: Yuppy Puppy Pet Spa, One Lucky Mutt, Pets in the City, Ladue Pharmacy, Ladue Market, The Watering Bowl, Pawsitively Fintastic, K-9 Paradise or Murphy’s Mutts and Cuts. For more information about Wags in a Bag, visit www.wagsinabag.org.