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Family Helps Son Rehab From Brain Injury | | Columbia, MO |

Family Pushes to Bring Brain Injury Center to Columbia

A FAMILY’S JOURNEY - March 24, 2011

About The Center

For 24 years, The Center has been helping people in the Greater St. Louis area return to a more healthful, independent, involved, and productive life after a brain injury. The Center began as a single day program designed for survivors of traumatic brain injury. As additional support needs continued to be identified, new services were introduced. Today, we continue to strive to establish specialized programs that are designed to improve the quality of life for individuals We currently offers 15 specialized programs that include an adult day program; therapies including physical, occupational and speech; return to work services; and school-to-work transition services. Each year The Center helps nearly 800 Missourians from St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Currently, there are no long-term specialized brain injury services in Central Missouri. The Center is eager to fill this void and bring quality services to families in an area that has none.

About Day Program

The Center intends to offer an adult day program to assist families in Central Missouri struggling with the overwhelming effects of a brain injury. The program will be modeled after the St. Louis Program. The Adult Day Program is tailored to the specific needs and abilities of people affected by a brain injury. The Center provides participants with a friendly, stimulating and safe environment where they can improve their skills and have fun. Each day, participants enjoy a wide variety of activities designed to promote cognitive enrichment, recreation and socialization with peers in a nurturing and safe environment. The Adult Day Program also provides families with respite time while their loved one enjoys a variety of supervised activities. Activities are adapted to their individual goals and capabilities. Future goals are to expand our programs in Central Missouri with specialized brain injury Vocational and Employment Services.

Program Activities and Benefits

  • Cognitive (or thinking skills) enrichment activities
  • Social Skills Enrichment
  • Assistance and training with daily living activities
  • Pre-Vocational Activities and Education
  • Community Volunteer Opportunities
  • Recreational Activities
  • Family Respite
  • An alternative to more costly and less preferred residential placement

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