• The Center for Head Injury Services rebuilds and enhances the lives of people with brain injuries, autism, intellectual disabilities and visual impairments. 
  • We are their advocates. 
  • Since 1990, the Center has been the only organization in Missouri to provide comprehensive specialized brain injury services.  
  • Last year, the organization served  more than 900 clients and their families received our services. 
  • Since 2006, the Center has successfully placed more than 450 clients into jobs with an average retention rate of 80%. 

Life after a head injury is never the same. Survivors of traumatic brain injury are usually left with life long cognitive and physical impairments. They find themselves separated from the world. Often, they are unable to resume previous educational, vocational, or vocational roles and are thus removed from their former social circles. Social interactions are minimal and they rely primarily on the immediate family for this contact. Productivity is also reduced and independent living is greatly challenged.

Until the early 1980’s, no organization existed to act on behalf of people with head injuries and their families. In Missouri, efforts to organize services for survivors began in 1982. Four years later in 1986, the St. Louis Chapter of the National Head Injury Foundation created the first community based, head injury, adult day program. This program was started to provide cognitive enrichment, socialization, recreation training, prevocational skill enhancement, and family respite time. In 1990, this program incorporated independently as The Academy for Head Injured Adults. Today, the Academy, now renamed The Center for Head Injury Services, continues to provide programs designed to improve the quality of life for individuals in the St. Louis area who have sustained a head injury.

The Center, which began as a single service program, has grown to become a specialized, multi-service organization conveniently located in Maryland Heights. The agency offers several direct service programs including Adult Day Activity, Adult Day Health Care, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation, Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation, Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services, In-home Independent Living Training, Free Durable Medical Equipment, Community Based Assessments, Job Search and Placement, Job Coaching, and Employment Follow-Up.

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